What is Aqua Excel Technologies???

With a great concern of the growing deterioration of water quality worldwide, Aqua Excel USA has researched and developed what we believe to be the finest water treatment equipment on the market today. Our researchers has found that no waters are alike. So, we developed different kinds of water treatment Systems to solve different kinds of water problems.

Aqua Excel’s high quality Reverse Osmosis systems are the most economic, most effective and yet most affordable. It’s the best solution for your water problems today and tomorrow.

The Aqua Excel Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed for optimal performance and it is the most advanced and effective technology in high purity drinking water systems.


We specialize in manufacturing a full line of quality Reverse Osmosis Systems ranging in size from 10 to 500,000 gallons per day for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Sea Water Desalination applications, and a Full Line of Water Store Equipment.

We also provide a full line of Counter Top Water Filter Systems, Under Sink Filter Systems, Big Blue Housings, and a full line of quality filter cartridges that fits 10″ and 20″ standard housings, Big Blue Housings and a full line of Ultra Violet Systems ranging in size from 1 to 60 gallons per minute.

We provide Sediment Filters, Carbon Blocks, KDF-GAC (Granule Activated Coconut Shell Carbon), KDF-GAC-Poly Phosphate, and KDF-GAC- Resin Softener Cartridges for 10″, 20″ Slim Line and Big Blue Filters. We also provide a full line of TFC and CTA membranes ranging in size from 10 to 10,000 gpd.

Aqua Excel includes the information you need to select, specify, install, and operate any Reverse Osmosis system from America Pacific. In addition, it contains relevant technical and sales information about the Components used by Aqua Excel, case studies, references, and Authorized Sales and Service Representatives Worldwide.

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